Spreading Wings S800 DJICod: DJI8000

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Spreading Wings S800 DJI

Il kit comprende:
1 x Frame
6 x 320kv Motors
6 x 40A Esc Opto
6 x 15" Carbon Fiber Propellers
Landing Gear
Battery Tray
Dati Tecnici - Technical Data

Spreading Wings S800

Versione Bracci rinforzati carbonio V2

DJI’s Spreading Wings S800 is a hex-rotor aircraft developed for aerial photography, search and rescue team, and surveillance. Rapid Deployment redefined. From “in the box” to “in the air” is less than 5 minutes! All electronics, motors and propellers are fully integrated into the molded composite arms; swapping out an entire arm assembly (including Arm, ESC, Motor, and Propeller) can be done without tools in a matter of seconds. With the help of DJI’s WooKong-M autopilot system, large-radius turns, precise hovering, and maintaining constant air speed has never been easier! 

Spreading Wings S800 is a professional Hex-Rotor Platform Big Aircraft, designed for commercial aerial photography (AP) and experienced model enthusiasts. It has the advantage of stable flight, large load weight and long flight time.
Combined with DJI WooKong-M multi-rotor autopilot system, S800 can easily perform precise hovering, constant-speed cruise and big maneuverability turning.

All the circuitries from batteries to electronic components of Frame Arms, PMU and gimbals are integrated into Centre Frame, which simplifies the wiring,reduces the possibility of malfunction and helps a lot to operate quick disassembly.

With innovative integration design of Frame Arms, all the power and signal wires of motor, ESC and LED indicator are embed into Frame Arms, which makes the S800 Frame Arms look simple and neat, not a batch of separated parts and wires.
Special slot design makes Frame Arms and Centre Frame with a complete circuitry. The overall design is safe, reliable, simple and stable, proved by long-time strict testing.

The components of ESC are installed inside the neat Frame Arms beneath the motors, which solve the problem of heat radiating. LED indicator is included to ESC, and can be used to easily identify the nose and tail for S800. 

Brushless motors with special design and high performance reduce noise and vibration, smooth turning, improve the stability and performance of aircraft, simplify maintaining and extend its lifetime.

All the carbon fiber propellers of S800 have been tested for its balance and strictly selected. The carbon fiber propellers have the characteristic of exquisite appearance, light weight, high efficiency, and high strength and so on.

Clear guiding signs ( and ) for connection are shown on the Centre Frame and Frame Arms. The connection sequence between Frame Arms and Main Controller is also shown as signs which help avoid incorrect installation.

Simple steps to assemble and disassemble S800 Landing skid, rather convenient to carry and transport. Almost the whole high strength landing skid is made of carbon fiber material, which can support large weight loading with two aspects of tenacity and hardness.

WooKong-M IMU installation position has been reserved in the Centre Frame. In addition, signs on the slot of the Centre Frame clarify the channels’ numbers of the WooKong-M IMU, which helps users to install the autopilot system correctly and rapidly. 

Diagonal Wheelbase 800mm
Frame Arm Length 350mm
Frame Arm Weight
(Including Motor, ESC, Propeller ) 304g
Center Frame Diameter 240mm
Center Frame Weight 365g
Bi-pod Size 500mm(Length)×415mm(Width)×320mm(Height)
(Top width: 145mm)
Bi-pod Weight 428g
Total Weight 2.6Kg

Flight Parameters
Takeoff Weight 5.0Kg ~ 7.0Kg
Load Weight 0Kg ~ 2.5Kg
Power Battery LiPo (6S 10000mAh~15000mAh 15C(Min))
Max Power Consumption 2100W
Hover Power Consumption 720W(@ Takeoff Weight 6Kg)
Hover Time Max: 16 min
(@10000mAh 6KgTakeoff Weight)

Stator Size 41×14mm
KV 320rpm/V
Max Power 360W
Weight 147g

Current 40A OPTO
Voltage 6S LiPo
Signal Frequency 30Hz ~ 450Hz
Drive PWM Frequency 24KHz
Weight 18g

Material Carbon Fiber
Size 15×04in
Weight 15g

Il kit comprende:
1 x Frame
6 x 320kv Motors
6 x 40A Esc Opto
6 x 15" Carbon Fiber Propellers
Landing Gear
Battery Tray